The Integrate Agency CIC (United Kingdom)

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The Integrate Agency CIC (United Kingdom)
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Branding, Website Design And Development

Project Overview

The Integrate Agency CIC is a community interest company based in Old Street’s Silicon Roundabout in central London. Its activities are focused on helping the voluntary community and social enterprise organizations access public sector contracts across the United Kingdom. Through their platform, 85 members are currently involved in contract opportunities in NHS England and Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) markets. The company is a member of several bodies such as Social Enterprise UK, National Council for Voluntary Organizations (NCVO), Employment Related Services Association (ERSA), Community Southwark and more.


As part of its core strategy, the company’s management needed a dedicated website that will provide more information about current cyber security threats and trends for charity organizations and most importantly, serve as a platform to connect third sector organizations with cyber security professional volunteers. The required website was meant to be simple and easy to manage from the backend without much technical skills needed. It was also required to demonstrate, at a basic level, how the volunteer will be engaged by charity organizations in need of such services. It should also sit on the parent company’s website as part of its services.


We worked on:
• Web Design
• Web Development
• Marketplace design and prototype development
• Content Management System
• Website Integration with Parent website
• Website usage training for administrator
• Free support services


The Integrate Agency CIC Cybersecurity Website was created and launched and it featured well-optimized and responsive webpage designs using WordPress custom templates and content management system for easy backend monitoring and management. The marketplace prototype was also developed using plugins with some backend coding to enable its functionality as a prototype now and a design guide to future full online marketplace development. The new website was designed to match the theme of the parent company’s website and was also embedded within its services menu.